ACE Wizard is now used on over 30% of all TM44 Air Conditioning Inspections in the UK

Why do my facilities need a TM44 Air Conditioning Energy Inspection?

What can my business gain from an Air Conditioning Inspection?

Why use ACE Wizard for TM44 Air Conditioning Energy Inspections?

Having your facilities air conditioning systems inspected is a legal requirement of the building owner or the building management team. But are you getting the best value from a standard TM44 Air Conditioning Assessment?


Would your business benefit from being able to see what systems are costing you the most, or which are the most inefficient?


The objective of an Air Conditioning Inspection was always to promote energy efficiency and enable businesses to reduce their carbon emissions through sound energy advice identified through an Air Conditioning Audit.

At ACE Wizard we felt the standard TM44 assessment did not in sufficient detail relate the information captured during an assessment to the impact on the very business who had commissioned the report.   

In short businesses were getting a "compliance only" service without the energy or potential savings detail which would enable energy managers to impact energy efficiency at a corporate level.

ACE Wizard was created to bridge that gap whilst not increasing the effort to complete a thorough report. It offers more than just a compliance inspection and is focused on the complete report system which moves the boundaries of what energy mangers should demand from an AC Inspection service and what businesses receive!

May 2018

F-Gas Log book software for ACE Wizard now live!

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October 2017

October updates for ACE Wizard now live!

AHU Section updates for ACE Wizard going live Wednesday 18th after 8pm

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September 2017

September updates for ACE Wizard now live!

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August 2017

August updates for ACE Wizard now live!

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July 2017

July updates for ACE Wizard live this evening

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June 2017

June 2017 updates to ACE Wizard are now live

We’ve found a bit of time to make a few more changes to ACE Wizard which are now live, we have...

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