Air Condittioning Energy Inspection System

The question should never be.......


“What is the lowest price for a TM44 Air Conditioning Inspection?”


But should instead be.......


“How much value can my business gain from an ACE WIZARD TM44 Air Conditioning Inspection?”

A standard Air Conditioning inspections enables the business to comply with UK law, however to be truly beneficial we believe an air conditioning assessments should deliver valuable energy data on all A/C system installed across a company’s facility portfolio.


Working with our clients, we understand the business challenges they face today include;

  • Regulatory requirements (EPBD, ISO, ESOS and similar legislation)

  • Board level commitment to carbon reduction programs

  • Increasing business cost through year on year energy price rises


Working with Energy & Building Services managers who want to provide the highest quality of service we know they are required to;

  • Coordinate inspections for all business premises every 5 years on HVAC systems (TM44 Air Conditioning Inspections)

  • implement energy reduction targets to offset whole sale energy price rises

  • Maintain A/C system information from A/C asset records which are often inaccurate or do not exist for buildings / facilities



ACE Wizard Report showing Energy Consumption for Inspected Site
  • Identify on-going areas of remedial work & energy efficiency improvements for targeted investment to achieve Carbon footprint reduction commitments and cost savings

  • Ensure regulatory changes (such as R22 replacement and F-Gas leak testing) is applied to A/C systems across diverse & dispersed facilities (includes Jan 2015 GWP calculations)

  • Reduce ongoing energy consumption to further reduce running costs


ACE Wizard already has a proven track record in assisting businesses to reduce energy consumption as part of the TM44 compliance certification when combined with the use of the ACE Wizard Report & Management Portal.  This can be achieved on a full range of buildings from the smallest coffee shop to the largest hospital across multi–portfolio facilities or single sites.


Whilst other AC inspection software may favour a “compliance only” strategy, by using the ACE Wizard software our TM44 assessments provides a professional (client specific) PDF report which will give the best possible opportunity for businesses  to capitalise on energy saving recommendations made on their HVAC systems. This in turn will mean the investment in TM44 compliance can easily be recouped through energy initiatives identified during the inspection.


Furthermore, the energy data gathered and provided in the ACE Wizard Report is made available in the ACE Wizard Management Portal. This secure on-line user interface captures the TM44 certificate, ACE Wizard Report PDF, and holds all the inspection data dynamically including a client specific HVAC asset register with energy calculations, giving all parties the option to review all data collected during the assessment.


This enhanced facility enables this data to subsequently be interrogated by Energy Managers through the ACE Wizard Management Portal to produce individual reports such as efficiency rating of systems, systems in order of energy consumption or systems in need of replacement to meet R22 replacement legislation as an example.



The ACE Wizard system captures the necessary detail energy managers require from an air conditioning inspections, but as with the standard AC inspections the information was isolated from one building to the next, energy managers had to look at the report in isolation. 


The ACE Wizard Management Portal provides an interface to manage reports for all facilities within a company’s portfolio, furthermore the portal allows facility / energy managers to interact with their own reports and adjust parameters to fine tune specific cost savings in relation to their properties. By adjusting their own figures users can create a more focused view of cost saving opportunities within the facilities they manage.


More importantly the portal can be used to interrogate the data captured in the ACE

 Wizard Management Portal Data Reporting by system Operating Cost

Wizard TM44 Inspections, providing an insight in to the systems / facilities which might benefit from adjustment or targeted investment to reduce energy costs and meet the organizations carbon reduction targets.


No other Air Conditioning Inspection system provides this level of management and importantly access to the portal is provided free with every AC Inspection carried out using the ACE Wizard system.


To find out more about our service and our authorised partners please contact and one of our staff will be happy to answer your questions.