Air Condittioning Energy Inspection System

Welcome to ACE Wizard,  an online air conditioning energy inspection and F-Gas log book designed especially for energy assessment firms, energy assessors, air conditioning maintenance firms, facility management firms and their clients.  This policy applies across all our systems and any other apps or services we may offer (for example, events or training).

Our approach to data privacy is founded on our key goal to continually improve the service we provide to all our users and to constantly seek to improve ease of use and to increase the energy information and savings opportunities to all users.

This policy explains how we deal with your personal data which includes information about you like your name, email, address, telephone number payment information, support queries, community comments. More information how we treat your data check out our Terms of Use which can be found on our website and on the “My Account” section in our energy report ins system ACE Wizard.

If we update this policy or our Terms of Use which we may need to do from time to time, we will make sure we let you know, this will most likely be by email.

Published 24th May 2018

Version 1.0

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