Air Condittioning Energy Inspection System

The question should never be.......


“What is the lowest price for a TM44 Air Conditioning Inspection?”


But should instead be.......


“How much value can my business gain from an ACE TM44 Air Conditioning Inspection?”

Creater of ACE Wizard Air Conditioning Inspection system


In 2011 the concept of the ACE Wizard system began to be developed and the cloud based application has been being used to provide energy and cost impact information for over 2 years.  The company name is an acronym of Air Conditioning Energy (ACE), and Wizard because the software leads an air conditioning energy assessor through the process of creating a report, and automatically calculating the energy and cost impact based on the information captured as part of the inspection.


Officially launched in April 2015, ACE Wizard Ltd is a family run business set up by brothers Rob & Ashley Warburton and was created to help provide companies with something more than just compliance when undertaking Air Conditioning Inspections, and the system works equally well across small or large facility portfolio organisations.  Since the introduction of these Air Conditioning Inspections "TM44's", we've been working as and with registered Air Conditioning Energy Assessors (ACEA's), and become increasingly frustrated at the level of useable energy information containing in the standard report.  We realised with our knowledge and experience in the industry and in commercial software environments we could add to the information captured, and help get energy efficiency on the table in the board room.