Wireless Room Energy Management System

Air Condittioning Energy Inspection System
Air Condittioning Energy Inspection System
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  • Suitable for wall controlled or remote controlled
    air conditioners

  • Wireless control of up to two power sources on a
    room occupancy basis (additional Relay Module

  • Mains or battery operation (up to 2 year battery life)

  • Choice of restart options 1) automatic on detection
    of movement or 2) manual restart

  • Temperature settings to prevent excessive heating/
    cooling of rooms

  • Can be wall or ceiling mounted

  • Setback temperature setting to maintain an energy
    saving comfort level in unoccupied rooms

  • Radio signal communication with separate Relay
    Module and all sensors – up to 10 meter transmitting

  • Up to 127 different room codes and additional floor
    codes to prevent signal crossover

  • Programmable time delay from 15 to 60 minute

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