Air Condittioning Energy Inspection System

The question should never be.......


“What is the lowest price for a TM44 Air Conditioning Inspection?”


But should instead be.......


“How much value can my business gain from an ACE Wizard TM44 Air Conditioning Inspection?”

Air Conditioning Inspections which offer more than just compliance

A standard TM44 Air Conditioning Inspection provides compliance for my facility so why should I ask for an ACE Wizard TM44 Air Conditioning Audit?


Our "at a glance guide" highlights the differences between a standard AC inspection and an inspection carried out using the ACE Wizard system.

At ACE Wizard we believe businesses want to maximise the ROI from these mandatory air conditioning assessments, the vast majority of firms commissioning an AC inspection receive a large report which contains little or no data to enable a business to reduce energy consumption. An ACE Wizard inspection links the data capture to the potential financial impact on the business by adopting the reports recommendations offering more than just compliance.

A standard Air Conditioning Inspection enables the business to comply with UK law, however to be truly beneficial at ACE Wizard we believe an air conditioning audit should capture and deliver the energy data on all A/C system installed across a company's facility portfolio and provide the potential cost benefit in adopting the assessor's recommendations by sites and by systems.

FM Firms need to work with their clients to manage and maintain all the facilities energy certificates, Air Conditioning is a required certificate but like businesses the standard report will not enable the FM firm to identify cost savings initiatives which will benefit the FM firms’ clients.  The ACE Wizard system offers a management portal to manage the AC inspections across multiple clients with and multiple facilities to identify remedial work and targeted investment.