F-Gas Log book software for ACE Wizard now live!

May 2018

The first update for 2018 is now ready for you and your clients to use.  Combined with some general updates to ACE Wizard, these updates are largely focused on improving what the building owner can now gain from the HVAC data contained in ACE , in addition ACE now allows the building owner to create and manage their own data in ACE Wizard as a compliant F-Gas Log book. 

General Updates

Microsoft Edge compatibility - Assessors

Support for GDPR

Aligned naming conventions

Improved copy project routine + other minor bug fixes/improvements

Core Updates

Further speed improvements to Recommendations for assessors 

Option to provide a full site survey

Client owned project data for on going data management

On-going on-line F-Gas log book service

On-going on-line PPM service

Client energy report personalisation

Additional database reports (Client)

Improved read only views for Assessment Firms & Child Assessment Firms

October updates for ACE Wizard now live!

October 2017

AHU Section updates for ACE Wizard going live Wednesday 18th after 8pm

We’ve been working hard over the last few weeks to improve the information ACE Wizard provides as standard when assessing AHUs & HRUs through ACE Wizard for TM44 Inspections.  We are pleased to let you know this work is now complete and the update will go live on the 18th of October.


The update includes;

HRU database to speed data entry

Improved AHU sizing calculations

Includes the Non-Domestic Building Compliance guides for 2013 buildings

Provides more detailed summary of calculations and measurements passing in to approved lodgement software

More informative AHU data tables for improved client information


A training video has been created which includes;

How assessors add AHU systems to a project

Using the new HRU database

How the AHU & SFP data tables appear in the ACE Wizard client report and how the entered data is displayed

The changes to the AHU Inspection fields

How the data is seen in the approved lodgement software


Impact to Existing Projects

The following applies to Level 4 reports only and only when a client clicks the “View Report” button in Ace to review the on-line ACE TM44 Advanced report, it will not change and ACE Wizard Report PDFs of a project that have already been created and stored attachment tab of a project.

As three new data fields are displayed in the AHU & SFP data tables in the ACE TM44 Advanced report the missing AHU data on existing projects will state “Not Specified” in the relevant field in Table 14. (see image)


We advise assessors working on “Open” projects to complete the missing data on the AHU systems in the project.


Inspection Field Templates

AHU21 – The core data answered in this Inspection question will now be entered in to Evolve automatically without the need to answer the question in the AHU Inspection fields. When loading an old AHU Inspection template in ACE the AHU21 question will not be seen.

AHU21a & AHU21b – These are new questions in the AHU Inspection fields in ACE and allow the assessor to answer more detail in relation to the systems energy conservation facilities which was previously covered solely in the AHU21 question. When loading an existing AHU Inspection template, the default answers for AHU21a & 21b will be displayed to the assessor.

AHU12 – The question will now be shown on the AHU Inspection Field form and requires the assessor to select a yes or no option and allows the assessor to state where / how the flow rates were established, this fills in to Evolve on the “Are air flow rates and system pressure available from commissioning data”.

Since April we have being delivering updates to ACE once a month, we are going to be a bit quiet over the next few months though as we are now embarking on improvements focused on adding value to the end client which will see us in to April 2018.  Please do keep your improvement ideas coming in as we always welcome feedback from you, we will always were sensible role out any quick improvements ahead of any major releases.

September updates for ACE Wizard now live!

September 2017

This is the last set of general improvements before we turn our attention to updating and improving the AHU section in ACE Wizard.


The follow improvements have been made to ACE Wizard, these are the main changes to benefit assessors.

System Totals Quick Access – We know as assessors you like to provide clear information as part of your executive summary to help highlight areas of improvements the client needs to consider. To assist you we’ve provided a new filter on the AC Unit page. This filter will enable you to quickly establish many “System Totals” from Refrigerant Weight to Energy Input on a group of systems based on your filter search criteria.  This feature enables totals to be generated from search criteria such as “All Comfort Cooling”, “All Process Cooling” or by “Refrigerant Type” right down to individual systems. This “total” display will also be provided to the end user in the coming months. But for now, we hope you find the data useful when writing your executive summaries. NOTE: The list of cooling plants displayed will be linked to your filter criteria, to display, to reset the display to “All Systems” press “Clear”


System Condition – One early improvement suggestion was to extend the system condition options which can be seen by the client. As inspected systems selection of Good, Reasonable, Ageing and Poor offered little value to the end client when seen in the Asset list.  Assessors can now select an optional secondary comment such as “Clean, Poor Pipe insulation, Dust on Coil etc. which will appear on the asset list for the client alongside the “Good, Reasonable etc. comment.  This is an optional comment and is not required to produce a compliance report however it does provide more value to the end client as an overview of the general condition of systems on site.


System Condition (Bug fix) – We’ve fixed the bug on the system condition box so all options now answer the evolve question “Is the general condition of refrigeration and associated general plant in good order?”  “No” is ticked for Ageing, Unable to Access, Awaiting Repair, Awaiting Decommission & Decommissioned. “Yes” is ticked for Good, Reasonable & Not Yet commissioned.


Status Update – As the end client can only see a report which is set to the status of “Draft” or “Closed” we’ve added a simply step to remind you to change the project status on export as well as when you link a PDF. This currently only works with the manual export routine and will be added to the ACE importer later.


Energy Input (Table 2) – The kWhs per week column on the Operational Cost table has been replaced with Energy Input kW, displaying the “Energy Input kW” helps the client to see how the estimated costs have been reached.


Not in Service (Recommendations) – All systems are now excluded from the recommendation if set to “Not in service” or “Standby (chillers)”


Where systems are not fitted with Inverter -  Text to Evolve for the evolve question “Assess the refrigeration compressors and method of capacity control”. The default text in the inspection field library has been simplified , in addition the system Input Power, EER and Energy Label will be inserted in front of the text going in to evolve. For example “Assess the refrigeration compressors and method of capacity control.” System Input Power = 2.5kW, System EER (Energy Efficiency Ration) = 2.9, Energy Label = C. The system has a fixed speed compressor and therefore operates at full power whenever cooling is demanded.  Not only will this result in increased energy consumption compared to an inverter driven system but may mean that the compressor will have to stop & start more frequently to maintain the desired internal space temperature. When considering a replacement in the future ensure that any equipment considered is installed with inverter technology. 

Room Sizing – Bug fixed multiple pages now included in totals

August updates for ACE Wizard now live!

August 2017

We have nearly completed our list of “quick updates” development phase and would like to thank all of you who have contributed and who continue to do so.  

The follow improvements have been made to ACE Wizard


Project Templates – We’ve improved the copy project process so you can now create an official Project Template. A Project Template can either be created from scratch by selecting “Template” in the project status box or from an existing project using the “Copy” button in the same way as the “Copy Project” works today. A “Project Template”, which are flagged as “Templates” in the status column are considered as “non-billable projects”, we hope this will allow assessors and assessment firms more freedom to create as many base line Air Con reports as you need in ACE to further speed up the report writing process. The updates do not change how the Inspection Field templates work, these remain independent. – NOTE: Once a project is set as a template the project cannot be used to produce a compliant report or produce an ACE Wizard Advanced TM44 Report.


Copy Project – Now takes your directly in to the edit page of the copied project, plus gives you the option to copy the project without copying across the pictures or attachments in to the new project. - Note: Remember, you still need to hit “Update Recs” button in the copy / template project to show all the “copied” Recommendations.


Update Recs – The button has been moved to a more appropriate place alongside the “Add Recs” button


Creating a Sub-System – we’ve improved the process to create a sub system, this reduces the number of clicks to in the process, stops the cooling plant file tree collapsing when you add a new system and ensures the necessary Sub-System data fields are completed.


Client Emails – We’ve improved the automatic end client “send email” section to ensure you can easily send the user name and password to the end client and given you more control over the text that you send.  You will notice there is now a “Draft” and “Completed” email to send.


Priority Recommendation – To help draw your client’s attention to recommendations which in your opinion will be a key interest to the client, we’ve added the ability to mark one or more recs as a “priority”.  A Rec is then marked on all views including the ACE Wizard PDF report and database reports with the words “(Priority Rec)” as shown in the image.  This feature will be particularly useful for those of you using ACE to provide a more consultative inspection process and less of a tick box assessment.


Recommendation by Energy Label D or below – Within the recommendations section you can now link systems by their energy label to further draw the client’s attention to those inefficient systems.


Bug Fixes

“Comma” removed from the front cover client address

If AC Unit location box not filled in, this no longer causes you to re-enter all the AC Unit data.

Total Building Process Cooled area reduced to 1 decimal place (we felt 15 was a bit too precise)


More updates coming next month!

July updates for ACE Wizard live this evening

July 2017

We’ve been applying a bit of grease to the bearings in the ACE Wizard system to help speed up the recommendations section, plus a couple of other improvements we’d like to let you know about.

The improvements to the recommendations will save assessors 2 or 3 minutes per project in ACE based on our testing.

Recommendations Update – Reduces assessor time and improves end client experience

Recommendations Page load time – now less than 2 seconds down from 21 seconds

Adding Recommendations

Adding 1 Recommendation – less than 2 seconds down from 21 seconds

Adding 3 Recommendations – less than 4 seconds down from 22 seconds

Updating a Recommendation – 4 seconds down from 7 seconds


Response times given are approximate and will vary depending on the size of the project and your network speed. The tests have been carried out on a mid-size project already populated with 20 recommendations, 18 Condensers, 1 AHU, 8 rooms & 4 Time Zones


Other Changes


Recommendation Graphs – Total annual cost displays fully on all graphs

Additional Refrigerant Weight

ACE PDF Report Table 11 now takes into consideration the Additional Refrigerant Weight added to a cooling plant

Additional Charge figure added to F-Gas tab, plus adds to total figure

Additional Refrigerant Weight included in figures going to Evolve including the text based values

SC01a System Identifier – Text description once entered can now be removed (Thanks Warren S for spotting this one)

kWh savings – Systems linked to a Rec on the applicable system tab now show the estimated kWh saving as well as the estimated cost saving for each system for all users (thanks Ben P for the suggestion)

Remove All Recs from a project – Feature now added for assessors


More updates coming next month!

June 2017 updates to ACE Wizard are now live

June 2017

We’ve found a bit of time to make a few more changes to ACE Wizard which are now live, we have a few more minor updates to deliver next month before we spend a bit of time improving the AHU section. Here’s a list of the minor changes.

ACE Wizard PDF and View Report

Online View Report Key Findings and Site Details page have their own tab so there is no need to click on the page 2 to check missing details

ACE PDF report Inspection Overview page address line spacing now correct

Section 4 (Inspection pages in the PDF and the Inspection pages on the ACE View Report now show the basic answer such as “Yes, No, In Part” as well as the notes in the ACE Wizard report

Sizing table 6a & 6b in the ACE Report if the area is calculated to “0” or the manual override is set to “0” this will now appear in the table.

Your Inspection Page (Client View) layout modified to make the display clearer for the end client

ACE PDF Report front page, spacing changed to support longer company and sites names without pushing the site picture and address on to a second page.


Navigational / Assessor Changes

Expected & Actual cooling load – The totals in the Room Size Page we released in May have been further broken down to show the Expected and Actual cooling loads for process and comfort cooling (good call Wayne)

Improvement - Site Address Details Edit button more obvious

Inspection pages navigation buttons now consistent across all pages and placed at the top and bottom of all pages

Copy Project will now set the Total Comfort & Total process cooling areas to be based on the calculated figures by default to avoid any confusion

Manual override for total cooling areas, slightly modified to make it clearer what figures are being used and will appear in the evolve and ACE Report. 

More minor updates coming next month!

May 2017 updates to ACE Wizard are now live

May 2017

As part of the current round of assessor improvements we have been working on, we would like to let you know about the update we have just published to ACE Wizard today. This round of minor improvements has been implemented to increase the detail and speed of access to key information for the assessor to provide in the client’s reports.  All enhancements largely associated to the Room Sizing & Time Zone sections in ACE Wizard for an assessor and the corresponding tables in the ACE Wizard Report PDF given to your client. Where applicable, any of the information is pushed into the relevant fields in to the Evolve project in the normal manor.

The updates include;

Total Comfort Cooled Area – Automatically calculates based on visible rooms and populates the report with the appropriate figure

Total Process Cooled Area – Automatically calculates based on visible rooms and populates the report with the appropriate figure

Manual override to replace the calculated areas with a bespoke figure - (Please Note: All existing projects use Total Comfort & Process Cooling figures held in the project)

Total Comfort & Process Cooling Boxes – The boxes have been moved from the Edit tab to the Room Size tab

Project Totals displayed in Room Sizing – Running Totals of Process Cooled Area, Comfort Cooled Area, No. of Occupants and Average Cooling Load W/m2 displayed at the top of the page in Room Sizing tab

Override Cooling Load in a Room – Allows the assessor to manually apportion a cooling load to a room with or without a linked Cooling Plant assigned to a room, this could be used where a VRV/F serves multiple rooms and as an assessor you wish to better represent your finds to the client in the report by recording the rooms individually and have each room displayed in the relevant tables with the apportioned values.  When an “Override Cooling Load” is entered, the assessor is then asked to record the shared system name.

Linked AHUs to a Rooms & Time Zones – When an AHU is linked to a Room and/or a Time Zone these are now also displayed to the assessor within the appropriate Room / Time Zone in the same way a linked Cooling Plant is already shown

Linked Cooling Plant table for Room & Time Zones – Increased Cooling Plant information can now be seen by the assessor within these views to reduce the need to move between project tabs to confirm linked system information

Room Sizing table display order – Rooms which are marked visible will display at the top of the list in the room size tab by default, the display order can be changed by clicking any of the column headings

Comments (No Cooling) – Where rooms have no cooling assigned (from a Linked Cooling Plant or using the Override Cooling Load) the comments field will now display “No Cooling”.

Time Zone Page – Total Occupancy Hours (Weekly) & Total Plant Hours (Weekly) now shown on the main Time Zone page without the need to expand the individual Time Zones to see the totals, this also means it is more obvious to the assessor when clicking on the tab if a Time Zone has not been entered fully as the new total columns will be empty.

Time Zone & Room Size page table headings – The text in the column headings displays in full across a greater range of display types and screen resolutions

Bug Fix – Cooling Plant “In Service” tick box will now remove the Cooling Plant from the calculations going into Evolve if the box is unticked and therefore classed as “Out of Service”

Bug Fix – Reports by Assessors will now display the correct number of reports based on the user ID.

Latest updates to ACE Wizard now live!

16th April 2017

The update delivers the necessary structural changes to support improved End Client access and meet our development plans to enable our partners to provide additional services to their End Clients  through the ACE Wizard system.

ACE Wizard Recommendations

24 October 2016

October see's the completion of the updates to the recommendation section within ACE Wizard, the improvements enable the assessor to quickly create recommendations which over more insight to the client.  The updates also streamlined recommendation display process for all users. To see a quick tutorial on an assessor can the new recommendations in ACE Wizard click the following link; For more information on using ACE Wizard for your clients TM44 assessments or to find an ACE Wizard Assessment partner please contact us at

Renewed UK commitment to carbon reduction despite Brexit vote.

30 June 2016

UK sets ambitious new 2030s carbon target a week after the Brexit vote, the article written by Adam Vaughan and published in the Guardian online pics up on the renewed commitment to carbon reductions targets agreed this week.  Amber Rudd accepted the advice of the government’s statutory climate advisers, setting a target on Thursday of reducing carbon emissions 57% by 2030 on 1990 levels.The legally binding “fifth carbon budget” laid in parliament today is tougher than the carbon emissions target the UK is signed up to as part of the European Union, which requires a 40% cut by 2030 on 1990 levels.Tom Burke, chair of the environmental think tank E3G, welcomed the budget but said it meant new policies were needed: “It will mean that the government will have to double down on a new cost-effective energy strategy which reduces reliance on imported gas. This means it must make energy efficiency an infrastructure priority to slash energy demand in UK homes by half.”Rudd said that the UK’s commitment to tackling global warming was undiminished by last week’s leave vote, but action had been made harder by Brexit. Her energy minister, Andrea Leadsom, a prominent Leave campaigner, also said the UK was committed to the Climate Change Act, the law which mandates today’s carbon budget.For the full article got to

TM44 Inspection Field templates released

16 May 2016

Further improvements in ACE Wizard helps assessors to save time writing their air conditioning Inspection reports.  The changes added today allow assessors and assessment firms to create and use templates at the Sub System level for Cooling Plant, Air Handling Units, Terminal Units & System Controllers to complete the TM44 Inspection fields on sampled systems.  Users are now able to create a series of templates for the common scenarios they come across on site to save time answering the questions on every assessment, this upgrade builds on the template features added to the Site level inspection fields added earlier this year. – More updates coming out next month. For more information on having an ACE Wizard inspection carried out or becoming an ACE Wizard partner please contact us on 01420 446202 or email Wizard, moving the boundaries are air conditioning inspections!

ACE Wizard now supports Scotland

21 April 2016

ACE Wizard PDF reports now meet guidelines for Scottish TM44 Assessments.  Previously assessors would have to generate a lot of the data contained in an Air Conditioning Inspection report manually to produce a report to a client which was compliant for Scotland.  As ACE Wizard already holds all the data required to complete a report for buildings in Scotland, this update simply enables the assessor to export this data into the ACE Wizard TM44 report in two clicks.  The ACE report is the only TM44 Air Conditioning Energy report to provide asset details, energy consumption, energy costs and link recommendations directly to the financial impact on the site inspected, and all delivered to the client via their own secure portal.  For more information on having an ACE Wizard inspection carried out or becoming an ACE Wizard partner please contact us on 01420 446202 or email Wizard, moving the boundaries are air conditioning inspections!

More data available for energy & facility managers

4 March 2016

The latest updates to ACE Wizard sees improvements to the information clients, AC & FM firms can extract from their TM44 assessments carried out through ACE Wizard TM44 system. Users can now run reports across multiple sites as well as multiple clients and extract all the data from the TM44 report in to Excel at the touch of a button.  Along with improvements to the existing, Expiry Date, Refrigerant, Cost Impact & Energy Efficiency reports, 4 further reports have been added which includes; Recommendations, F-Gas & GWP, AHU Data and Area & Sizing reports. For more information on having an ACE Wizard inspection carried out or becoming an ACE Wizard partner please contact us on 01420 446202 or email Wizard, moving the boundaries are air conditioning inspections!

ACE Updates save assessors time

10 February 2016

The latest updates with ACE Wizard have been designed to further reduce the time it takes an assessor to complete a TM44 report through ACE Wizard. Already considered as being slightly quicker compared to existing TM44 report generation applications, collectively the latest update helps assessors shave another 5 to 10 minutes off the time taken to complete a report.  The main focus on the updates includes a site Inspection level template which can be created by assessors and used by all assessors working on the same contract, the template helps assessment firms using ACE Wizard to be more competitive on portfolio work.

Thanks to EMEX and the EMA

13th November 2015

RW Air & Energy Ltd and ACE Wizard Ltd would like to thank EMEX and the EMA for putting on a great show.  It was good to meet up with some of our partners and clients at the show and have an opportunity to highlight how the ACE Wizard system can really help facility and energy managers gain something more than just compliance from the mandatory TM44 Air Conditioning Energy Inspections.

Mitie, the facilities management company, sign up to use the new energy assessment system ACE Wizard!

22nd October 2015

ACE Wizard Ltd are delighted to announce the signing of Mitie as an approved partner to use what is being described as the next generation of Air Conditioning TM44 Energy assessment system.  ACE Wizard was created to meet the needs of energy assessors, energy managers, facility managers, FM firms and AC firms by providing something more than just compliance from a mandatory air conditioning inspection. Heading the team of low carbon consultants at Mitie, Jason Roberts said “ACE is client focused, it offers the client energy and cost impact information for cooling systems which is just not provided in the standard TM44 report. The on-line interface makes it ideal for portfolio work and gives the client access to review the data and importantly target energy improvements based on the report’s findings.”


Committed to providing a quality service to their clients in Air Conditioning Energy Inspections, Mitie was already producing a separate client facing report to supplement the standard TM44 report. Jason Roberts said “it was easy to see ACE Wizard added extra value to the client but it was very important it did not slow my team of assessors down in a competitive market.” Designed by assessors, ACE Wizard has a built in database of cooling systems, recommendations, inspection libraries and integrates into Sterling E-volve software. The ACE Wizard system reduces duplication and increases the speed of entry for assessors. Jason Roberts went on to say “we’ve now completed the training and it is our intention to use ACE Wizard for all our clients TM44 Air Conditioning Inspections”.

For more information please contact

Next major updates to ACE Wizard less than 3 weeks away!

6th October 2015

Over the last few months ACE Wizard Ltd has been developing the ACE Wizard system to better support our partners and our assessor community.  The imminent release sees;

  • Further enhancements to the Sterling e-volve integration

  • Inspection library with common default settings for faster report writing

  • Improved recommendation library for enhanced client information

  • Significant improvements to support partner branding and configuration to provide partner bespoke report content

For more information please contact

Adcock launch Air Conditioning Inspections using ACE Wizard

07 July 2015

Adcock Refrigeration & Air Conditioning Ltd have partnered with RW Air & Energy Ltd an ACE Wizard approved partner to provide Air Conditioning TM44 Inspections using the ACE Wizard system.  Recognised as one of the market leads in air conditioning, Adcock identified the ACE Wizard system and RW Air & Energy inspection services as the right combination to support Adcock's own philosophies in promoting energy efficiency and providing a best in class services to their client base.  For more information visit

New F-Gas GWP calculations now in ACE Wizard

1st July 2015

As part of an Air Conditioning TM44 inspection it is now mandatory to calculate the Global Warming Potential (GWP) of the refrigerant gas contained in the inspected systems and provide this information to site.  Furthermore all sites must maintain a record of the GWP potential of every AC system on the premises.  Both are onerous tasks but are a mandatory requirement.  The ACE Wizard system now provides the GWP information in line with current legislation when used to complete an Air Conditioning TM44 site inspection.

Reporting for Energy Managers released

6th May 2015

ACE Wizard Ltd are pleased to announce the release of our reporting tools in the ACE Wizard Management Portal which is ideal for Energy and Facility managers to interrogate the data captured during an Air Conditioning Inspection across single or multiple sites. The ACE Wizard system is the only Air Conditioning Inspection system that as part of a TM44 certification process captures the energy consumption and potential costs savings of adopting the report’s recommendations by system & site. If you would like to find out more please contact


16th March 2015

ACE Wizard Ltd signs up for its first show and has selected EMEX London (The Energy Managers Exhibition) as the main event.  Although a relatively new show, the event focus on the issues and challenges for Energy Managers is the ideal audience for ACE Wizard and our partners as we help raise energy efficiency savings to the board room.  Building on its success from last year, the show is on the 11th & 12th of November 2015 at the EXCEL London, for more information about the show and to register go to

Integration with Sterling e-volve

1st March 2015

In November 2014 Sterling Accreditation Ltd agreed to ACE Wizard Ltd integrating its unique AC inspection system with e-volve Air Conditioning Inspection software.  As of the 1st of March Alpha testing began with a full release planned for May.  Air Conditioning Energy Assessors using ACE Wizard already benefit from the speed of entry thanks to our 8000+ system database only now all the information captured will be automatically uploaded in to e-volve in one click reducing the time to complete an Air Conditioning Inspection Report further.  For more information on ACE Wizard email

Introduction of new F Gas regulations

January 1, 2015

Today sees the introduction of the new F Gas regulations across the UK aimed at reducing F Gas emissions by 80% by 2050.  Most F-gases are between 1,000 and 20,000 times more powerful then CO2 in terms of GWP. Therefore the way GWP is calculated has been revised to reflect the equivalent tonnes of CO2; changing the GWP of HFC’s and HFC blends.  Changes have also been made to the limiting quantities which define the frequency of leak testing. The previous limits of 3, 30 & 300kg have been replaced with a number relating to the equivalent tonnes of CO2.  For more information download the DEFRA consultation document

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